Portfolio Transfer


If you’ve ever been involved in the transfer of a large domain portfolio you will know what a nightmare it can be if you worked with a vendor who lacks the knowledge and expertise to simplify the process. If you survived this ordeal, we appreciate that no matter the cost savings, you may never want to go through this again.

Not all corporate domain name management companies are the same….

Let the professionals at IPM do it for you

Even after 17 years in the industry, the founders of IPM still spend every day focused on making the transfer process as simple and as pain free as possible. Our founders assign each IPM Client a dedicated Client Service Manager. Our Client Service Managers are domain name experts that understand all of the rules and requirements per country.

  • Your Client Service Manager will clearly explain what’s required per domain.
  • Your Client Service Manager will work on your behalf with your previous vendor.
  • Your Client Service Manager will complete any registry paperwork.
  • Your Client Service Manager will complete any click to confirms or approvals.
  • Your Client Service Manager will provide you with a weekly progress report.
  • Your Client Service Manager will ensure the who-is is updated and accurate as each transfer completes.
  • Each completed transfer will also be manually reviewed by our auditors. We believe two sets of eyes are better than one when it comes to who-is compliance.
  • Once you portfolio is transferred your Client Service Manager will remain your primary contact for ongoing registrations, transfers and who-is updates.

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